The science of love and e-comm

The science of love and e-comm

Fact or fiction? The longer you look into someone’s eyes.. the more you experience mutual feelings of love

Product video’s for the Belgian Motorcycle Gear brand, Richa – an ideal solution for focussing on safety features and materials.

It’s a fact! According to personal experience (and confirmed by studies conducted in 1989), strangers who looked into each other’s eyes for 2 minutes experienced mutual feelings of love

Moving further along in that train of thought, the longer you interact with something, the more your brain tends to bond with the subject.

This is also supported by research by PR Newswire – the longer a customer is compelled to stay on your product page, the higher the conversion.

And the more (relevant) information, the better because:

  • Only 0,52% of consumers want to see a single product photo
  • 33,16% prefer to see multiple photos,
  • about 60% prefer images that will enable them to have a 360º view of the product (in 360° or video)

So give your customers what they want. Wouldn’t want them to go look into someone else’s eyes now would we? Can’t decide which approach is best for your brand or products? We’re happy to help you, just give us a call or drop us a mail.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!
Y&N and the studio360 team

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