international services

Operating outside of Belgium?

Is your company based outside of Belgium? No problem at all. Our workflow allows us to think and operate across borders. That means you get to enjoy all of the advantages from working with studio360, even if we’re miles apart. Our unique approach ensures a personalized service tailored to your needs. Is your brand ready for higher conversion rates?

The advantages of working with studio360

Visuals ready 24 hours after delivery
Everything you need from A to Z, under one roof
Higher conversion rates and lower number of returns
Follow the shoot live (online)
Content ready for online and offline use
Quality does not need to be expensive

Ready to make your product the hero of your brand?

Are you in need of business boosting visual content? We’re happy to help, whatever the industry. Not sure what kind of content you need? Not to worry! At studio360 we offer tailored advice to your specific needs. Let’s meet.

How do we work?

At studio360 we work in 4 stages:

During the first stage, you tell us what you are looking for. You also get to know us better. Not quite sure yet? Don’t panic, we are happy to give you some recommendations.

During the second stage we make a framework of the positioning, lighting, camera settings and the overall finishing touch. Why? Because if we know your specific preferences, we can work quickly on large quantities. Are you satisfied with the template? Then we set our photographers loose in the third stage.Did you know that once we receive your product, we can deliver the final images within 24 hours? Quality in a fast and cost-efficient way, that’s the advantage of working with studio360.

Scribble & Stone (Ireland)

Scribble & Stone is an Irish and ethical jewellery company based in Dublin with a mission to make fast fashion jewellery a thing of the past. They make high quality affordable jewellery using premium materials and needed visual content for their new collection. We created pictures and videos of the jewellery on model and produced visuals for banners and social media.

The challenge: 20 looks, 60 pieces of jewellery, 96 visual outputs, 1 day.
The approach: 1 photographer, 1 assistant and one of our studio’s.
The outcome: 60+ model pictures, 20 video’s and 20 posts for social media.

Start boosting your visual product content today!

Ready to embark on this journey with us? Or do you have any remaining questions? Do not hesitate to contact us for a price offer, free of any obligation!