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At studio360 we work with a price per image. This means that depending on the type of packshot you need, the number of images and the desired finish, a price per image is calculated.

A finished packshot at studio360 has an average cost of €15. Is the total order larger than 100 images? Then the price per image goes down even further.

At studio360 we work in 4 stages:

During the first stage, you tell us what you are looking for. You also get to know us better. Not quite sure yet? Don’t panic, we are happy to give you some recommendations.

During the second stage we make a framework of the positioning, lighting, camera settings and the overall finishing touch. Why? Because if we know your specific preferences, we can work quickly on large quantities. Are you satisfied with the template? Then we set our photographers loose in the third stage.

Did you know that once we receive your product, we can deliver the final images within 24 hours? Quality in a fast and cost-efficient way, that’s the advantage of working with studio360.

Absolutely! We always look at your specific needs with your marketing goals in mind. Are you not quite sure what kind of photography and/or video content your company needs? Not to worry, we will provide you with specific and relevant recommendations. Convinced? Let’s meet up. The coffee comes for free. Ready to start shooting? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Definitely! Thanks to our instant upload, you can admire your packshots just as fast. All you have to do, is send us your products. Want to know more about our international services? Read all about it here!

GS1 standards enable organizations to easily identify, capture and share information, creating a common language that supports systems and processes around the world. Translated into packshot photography, this means tailored advice for how products should be photographed from January 1, 2020 - both online and offline, in 2D and for 360 photography. And both our studios and our data delivery are ready for the future.

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studio360 is the one-stop studio for product & packshot photography. Need a video? No problem. We produce any kind of business boosting visual product content. Our team photographs and edits free-standing 2D or 360° spins of your products, regardless of your industry.


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