Packshot Puppeteers

Packshot Puppeteers

Hi there!

We come across quite some heavy breathing when mentioning packshots or product photography (no.. not that kind of heavy breathing 😏). Apparently, a lot of you don’t really get excited at the thought of shooting hundreds of pictures and then making them free-standing before renaming them and then uploading them to wherever you want .. go figure!

Well guess what – we just love to take the hassle out of product photography. The more the merrier!

Can we gét creative? Of course we can! For the Levi’s’ customizing social campaign by Maasmechelen Village, we turned up the music and shot the visuals – letting them blue jeans talk (well dance, actually).

We had a blast at our last shooting with bpost too, not only shooting 360 spins of their new packaging but also shooting pics to make their GIFs stand out. Hello nylon thread and feathers!

And let’s not forget it’s nearly Halloween – need any spooky visuals for social posts? Bring it on!

Any quirky questions? Drop us a mail at and we’ll be happy to help.