Our 3 birthday wishes 🥳

Our 3 birthday wishes 🥳

Now that we’ve turned 1, why not make our 3 wishes towards the coming year while we blow out our (one big 😉) candle:

Wish 1: may the infamous Belgian digital gap be closed at a faster pace. According to the DESI-index of 2020, we’re not doing too bad and the pandemic has forced many to step up and get their online act together, but despite the numbers, we still hear “we don’t believe in online” at least once a week.. incredible don’t you think?At studio360, we are actually in the middle of broadening our services to really become that one-stop-studio for all product data. Going beyond visual services (pictures, renders, video’s), to also take care of automatically weighing and measuring the products and optimizing other product data. We believe that correct, complete and qualitative information is key to building that necessary trust to be able to close the gap.

Wish 2:  may more business approaches be re-thought. We’ve had the opportunity to partner up with several businesses who took the chance to try something new and refreshing for their markets. More to come on that subject soon!

Wish 3:   may all brands and companies realize the added value of qualitative packshots and product videos. It really makes a difference on a multitude of levels 😊. Again, don’t just take our word for it – give us a call and try it out.

💨 🎂
Think about it with your feet in the close-to-home sand this summer. Enjoy the sun!

Y&N & the studio360 team