Love potion s360 for making your packshots irresistible 💛

Love potion s360 for making your packshots irresistible 💛


Step 1: take 4 scoops of quality equipment

Our 4 automated studios are equipped with top-notch technology. Images are made free-standing immediately and can be exported in a multitude of formats at the same time.

Step 2: add 1 drop of GS1 compliance

GS1 has set international standards of product photography. This entails image naming specifications, angles and delivery standards. The FMCG and DIY markets are first in line to make their packshots GS1 compliant. Our studios are GS1 compliant so you can be too.

Step 3: make at least 3 realistic angles of your product

Keep in mind that the consumer wants and needs information before buying a product online. The more product information you can provide, the better. A frontal shot – a side shot – a back shot = the basics. Provide details on material, finishings and those elements which make your article special.

Step 4: add video to taste if you want to nudge the cart

Product video or catwalk videos have a proven positive impact on the cart. It’s often the final nudge consumers need to buy.

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Step 5: season to perfection & boost those sales

Each brand is different and has an own personality and image. This should be visible throughout all communication, including how products are presented in photography and video.

Don’t want the hassle but in dire need of some product visualization or advice on how to get your products to stand out and your online presence sparkling? Get in touch, we’d love to help! Let’s beautify the www!