Tips & Tricks to make your products stand out!

Tips & Tricks to make your products stand out!

HAPPY 2021 – tips & tricks to make your product visuals pop, increase your sales and drop those returns.

What better way to start a new year than with some new year’s resolutions – you take care of the ones involving more sports and healthy diets. We’ll focus on making the world wide web a more beautiful place, one packshot at a time.

Here are our top 10 tips to get your product visualization going:

Tip 1

Think of how you want your online display to work up front and be consistent throughout your imagery in structure and photography to create a world online which matches your brand.

Tip 2

Determine your preferred dimensions up front to avoid having to make adjustments afterwards.

Tip 3

Work with a plain background or make your packshots free-standing so you can place them on any background.

Tip 4

Visualize colors as realistically as possible, keeping in mind that your products’ colors can look different on different screens.

Tip 5

Ensure the dimensions of your product are portrayed realistically by photographing them straight on.

Tip 6

Balance lighting to avoid strange shadows.

Tip 7

Offer more than 1 image and focus on special details (a colored sole, a pocket detail, a detachable hood, a designer switch, …) instead of leaving it up to your client to discover.

Tip 8

Extra styling elements can be interesting for additional pictures but can also distract.

Tip 9

Working with silhouettes, sets or assortments? Don’t forget to shoot the separate pieces as well as the combination.

Tip 10

More and more people buy online via their mobile phone. To avoid irritation, refrain from making your images too heavy.