studio360 ON THE ROAD

studio360 ON THE ROAD

Hi there!

With all that’s been going on the past few months, we’re excited to share some of our latest work and news.

We’ve been on the road and moved our studio to a clients’ showroom to catch up on their product photography. We’re getting quite some queries from clients to come to them so this is definitely a route we’ll be taking more often! #studio360ontour

Besides taking many packshots, we’ve noticed the impact of our ‘life gone digital’ here as well – more and more clients are taking the step towards digital events and configurators. Atelier Louiza blew out their first candle last week and celebrated with launching their new jewelry configurator. Take a look on

Taking pictures, packshots and catwalk video’s for brand new websites is something we absolutely love to do – as we did for the HNST Jeans brand – take a peek at – they literally launched yesterday!

And finally – our own new website went live as well. Go check it out on Looking forward to hearing
your thoughts!


Yolande, Nathalie and the studio360 team

What products do we shoot? We shoot complete silhouettes, shoes, toys, design objects, boots, chairs, jewelry, books, bottles, hammers, nuts and bolts, packaging, candles, socks, belts, watches, glasses, cans, stuffed animals, magazines, handbags, backpacks, scarves, pens, pencils, mobile phones, teabags, coffee machines, dolls, strollers, towels, soapbars, bracelets, pots and pans, ..

You get the picture.. everything and anything that’s under 100kg and is maximum 2m high and 1m wide.

Our studio’s are GS1 compliant too, meaning we’re up to scratch with the international standards.