Moving on!

Moving on!

We’ve moved!

No better way to start this new year with an exciting new studio. We’ve gone to larger, better equipped spaces and are open for business at our new address, Hessenplein 2, 2000 Antwerp as of today, Monday, January 24th.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients, our team and believers who have made this new step possible and are looking forward to welcoming you at Hessenplein 2!

Our mission has never changed since we started in 2019 – making products on webshops & market places look their best and have an effect on the looks but also on the books (get it 😉) of our clients’ online product presentation. Current times have really fastforwarded e-commerce possibilities and we’ve had the opportunity to be part of creating solutions for both large and small businesses.

In 2021 we became and service platform partner and continued as certified GS1 service partners. Locally, we continue to work close with sector partners like ModeUnie and Generation Shop and new partnerships are being created as we speak .. euhm write. We’ll be going in to those soon!

In the meantime, do drop by and check out our new offices and studios at Hessenplein 2! Looking forward to further beautifying the www together.

Happy 2022 ! 🥂
Y&N & the studio360 team

Don’t want the hassle but in dire need of some product visualization or advice on how to get your product to stand out and your online presence sparkling? Get in touch, we’d love to help! Let’s beautify the www!


Yolande, Nathalie & the studio360 team