Back to work… or what is the new normal?

Back to work… or what is the new normal?

Hi there!

We’re curious to know how you have experienced the past few months. As for us..

Nathalie: Seems like life as we kind of know it is slowly picking up again. Or is it?  I kind of feel like I’m standing in front of the orange traffic light – not quite green or not quite red (depending on how you look at it ;-).

Yolande: I wonder, what will the ‘new normal’ be? Personally, professionally and socially? What’s going to happen? On the one hand I felt a sense of relief to have to push the pause button. On the other hand it was all pretty scary and I’m so happy that everyone around me stayed healthy!

As for business, being quite the control freaks and planners, we were forced to take it day by day. Where some of our clients had to push back their orders as they were stuck at the border, others were busy re-inventing themselves. Like the foodservice & hospitality industry for example. We did some delicious test shoots with horeca management app Growzer and culinary consultant Flavor Major last week – how’s this for appetite appeal 😋? More info: